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SONOBA means “there and then” in Japanese ─ a motto that we adopt in printing your business cards.

“I need business cards as soon as possible!” – and certainly you can. At Grap, we offer an ultrafast business card printing service that delivers what you desire in 10 minutes or less! Our shop is conveniently located just 1 minute away from Hamamatsucho Station and Daimon Station, Central Tokyo.

How to order

You may select one of two options. 

Reservation” required if you prefer to come to the store to place the order.
If you would like to order online, please contact us via “Online form

Business hours: 9:00 am – 18:30 pm (Monday – Friday)
More information here!

Order procedure

Design based on templates

Simply choose your favorite design from our wide range of available templates. To save you time, you may email us the information to appear on the card prior to your arrival. Alternatively, you may enter the information using our in-house terminal.

Black and white Template:
Color templates

【Terms & Conditions】
※Designing and printing will only comment once full payment is received. For your convenience, we offer online payment services.
To prevent any typographical errors on our part, we will use either the text entered by you using our in-house terminal, or the text provided by you via email. We charge an extra 1,000 Japanese yen if you prefer for us to input the text.
※Due to the time constraint, we apologize that we cannot grant any requests for changes to the template.

The SONOBA process for Option A:

Ordering in shop:

Ordering via our website:

By existing card OR own data

Please provide us with your current business card or deisgned PDF/Jpeg/Ai file, so that we take a scan/print of it quickly – just 10 minutes for each side!

【Terms & Conditions】
※Due to the nature of scanning, the color may vary slightly, but the finish is very beautiful.
※Any modification to the current design will incur an additional fee of 700 Japanese yen/One side.
※Bleed design may require adjustment. We will explain in detail when you visit us or via email.

The SONOBA process for Option B:

Ordering in shop (Reservation required):

Ordering via our website (PDF or JPEG, Adobe Ai/Psd):


  One side “black” Both sides
“black / black”
One side “color” Both sides
“color / black”
Both sides
“color / color”
20 sheets 2,990JPY (3,289JPY tax included) 3,780JPY (4,158JPY tax included) 3,860JPY (4,246JPY tax included) 4,600JPY (5,060JPY tax included) 5,090JPY (5,599JPY tax included)
50 sheets 3,230JPY (3,553JPY tax included) 4,010JPY (4,411JPY tax included) 4,100JPY (4,510JPY tax included) 4,880JPY (5,368JPY tax included) 5,410JPY (5,951JPY tax included)
100 sheets 3,700JPY (4,070JPY tax included) 4,600JPY (5,060JPY tax included) 4,700JPY (5,170JPY tax included) 5,600JPY (6,160JPY tax included) 6,200JPY (6,820JPY tax included)
200 sheets 5,550JPY (6,105JPY tax included) 6,900JPY (7,590JPY tax included) 7,050JPY (7,755JPY tax included) 8,400JPY (9,240JPY tax included) 9,300JPY (10,230JPY tax included)
300 sheets 7,400JPY (8,140JPY tax included) 9,200JPY (10,120JPY tax included) 9,400JPY (10,340JPY tax included) 11,200JPY (12,320JPY tax included) 12,400JPY (13,640JPY tax included)

※400sheets (2.5-fold the price of 100 sheets), 500sheets (triple the price of 100 sheets)

Price includes

Designing, Standard Paper Option, Printing, Express Service.

Optional add-ons

Modifications to existing design: 700 Japanese yen
Text input by our staff: 1,000 Japanese yen per side
Scanning of logo: 500 Japanese yen
Creation of new design: 1,000 Japanese yen/10 mins
Paper upgrade: +100~1,200 Japanese yen

■Delivery costs *Next day delivery +800 Japanese yen~ *Same-day Motorcycle delivery +2,500 Japanese yen~

Payment options

Payment required before printing starts.
① Online credit card payment. – Link will be emailed after pricing
② Cash or Credit card, E-money at our shop in person.
③ Cash on delivery on the next business day (additional 1000 Japanese yen+tax)


There are two choices of paper available at no additional cost.

White 180kg

This is the most popular for business use as it gives off a neat, clean and smart impression.

Off-white (Cream) 180kg

This is also commonly used as it communicates a softer and warmer tone.

FA Kobayashi Building 7F
1-29-9, Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0013 Japan

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FA Kobayashi Building 7F
1-29-9, Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0013 Japan

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